Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dream Job

I have decided to do something spectacular.  I'm going to start my own business!  I'm a little nervous, I lack a little bit of self confidence, especially in the business aspect.  But, I am going to prevail and try this out.  I want to be a Stylist/Personal Shopper.  As much as I would love to do top couture fashion with  heavy duty price tags, this is reality... I am a Military Wife, I know other Military wives.  So I am going to become a Stylist/Personal Shopper for the "Middle Class".  We can find super fashionable things at Target, Forever 21 (which is coming to Monterey by Xmas), Old Navy, Gap, Marshalls, etc... 

Hopefully I will get a professional site or blog going soon, but for now I am going to share some fashion tidbits and just random thoughts.  Enjoy!

10 Fall Fashion Must haves!  (Well, except for here in Monterey, where it's summer)

1. A fitted jacket
~ Oh how I love blazers!  They look good on everyone!  Dress them up or down.

2.A white shirt

~ A fitted button-down white shirt always is a classic piece to wear.  I just need to add a little white to my collection.

3.A plaid shirt

 I saw plaid shirts had appeared last year, and I never got one... I need to get to a store!  Great with Jeans.

4.Tall boots


I've always had a thing for boots.  I love them!  I've already bought a pair for the season.  I like brown, black, red, camel, or brown.  I like heel, or flat.  Think riding boots.  They go with everything.  I love how Jill Zarin and Spanx were in the first pic I found. :)

5.Messenger Bag
  You might not think this is the most sheik of purses.  But, I am seeing them all over the place.  I personally find them easier to carry.  I just pull it over my shoulder and have my hands free to chase a toddler.

6. A biker jacket

 I stole this one from the all powerful Rachel Zoe.  A biker Jacket.  I've seen them at Marhsalls' lately.  They're not necessarily in my budget right now, but I've seen faux ones at Target.

7.The boyfriend jean
  So I love bootcut jeans.  I always say without fail, go with a bootcut.  It's flattering for everyone.  But, I came across an expensive pair of boyfriend jeans at Goodwill of all places!  I really like the way they fit.  It's cute with a fitted shirt and ballet flats.

  Yay leggings!  I like these with the zippers.  Wear them everyday!  Plus, you don't have to be stick thin to get away with the,.  I have tree trunks for legs and I still wear them!  I just wear a longer shirt, like a long cardigan.

9.A statement necklace
  I like one big accessory.  A cute headband, big earrings, or a huge, gaudy necklace.  I love this one here.  Even if you're wearing a plain t-shirt, a big necklace will add flare to it.

10.A belt
  I need to vow to myself to wear more belts.  They're the perfect accessory.  Thin, wide, or 80's grommets, it will all work.

So there are the Top Ten Fashion Must Haves!  Some I need to follow more myself.  Have a great fall everyone! I'm so excited for my new Fashion Adventure!

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