Monday, September 5, 2011

Hair on my mind

I've been so busy (and lucky) with my Hair Business lately.  Because of that I'm on the hair bandwagon again.  My obsession with hair has returned after a bit of a hiatus.  I do love hair, always have.  Here are some of the latest trends...

Love this loose, messy braid.  Braids are all over the place right now.  For this, long hair is a must, but try a braid at the hairline if your hair is shorter.

You can't go wrong with a ponytail.  Right now a low, sleek one is the way to go.

A bit of a bouncy wave is so sexy.  Try it with a middle part instead of a side one.

 I always love a chignon.  This one is a bit more edgy and easy to do!  Attending a formal event, or a night out?  This is a bit more modern.  Low side pony, a bit of a tease, braid it and pin it up.

 Half up and half down hair.  I love this sexy look!  This one is a bit messy, but still a cute easy way to change up your hair for fall.

So there ya go for a few new trends for fall!  Enjoy!

Oh and here's one I had to add...
 Ohmygosh!  Okay, I know this is fashion, but I hate this look more than anything!  Why?  Because this is MY hair!  This is what my hair looks like air dried and try to battle on a daily basis.  My super wavy hairline is my arc nemesis! 

Have a great Labor Day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fall's Fashion Trends

So I think Bloomingdales website is going to be my go-to guide for season's trends.  I've used their site before and it just seems like the best reference.  Such glamorous clothes!

Here are some Fall Fashion Trends for 2011.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

The Sheath dress.  Beautiful, especially for the working Woman.

 I just love this.  A white dress, with black opaque tights, and black heels.  Perfection!

Pancho, Pancho, Pancho!  A little slimmer than years past.  This is the "It Sweater" for 2011.

 Sequins is back for another year.  I have no problem with this at all!  You can't go wrong with this party dress.

 I think this is going to be one of my FAVE trends this Fall.  The printed silk dress.  More realistic for my lifestyle. Of course it's 70's-ish, which is So me.

I have an addiction to coats/jackets and boots.  I love this white coat with the black belt.  I guess I'm liking the trend of black and white together.

A blouse.  Who says blouse anymore?  Well, they're in for fall.  A loose fitting one, just with the front tucked in.

Maybe these pants weren't meant for my body type, but I love them anyway.  RED, VELVET!

So there's a sneak peek at Fall's trends.  There will have to be a blog dedicated to shoes later! 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bridget Bardot

In 2003 I went to the most inspiring, hardest class for hair ever.  It was Bumble & Bumble's "Hair Bootcamp".  My Friend/Co-worker and I went to NYC for a week and it was just a blast!  It snowed in April, but we braved the streets of my place of birth and had the best experience living the NYC lifestyle.  The hair class was difficult, but I pushed through the week of learning the latest editorial haircuts, field trips, pretending to be a chic New Yorker, and went home thinking I was a REAL Hairstylist.  I was ready for editorial work now. :) 

One style we learned was the "Bridget Bardot" cut.  I fell in love with her look right away.  Such a sexy cut, the epitome of sexiness.  I am all about Bridget Bardot!

Her hairstyle has been copied for decades.  LOVE IT!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have I Fallen off the Fashion Map?

I can't believe I stopped blogging.  I really don't know why... I guess I thought this fantasy of becoming a personal stylist in my small area would actually become a reality.  Oh well, it didn't, but I found my passion for hair again.  I really love hair!  I love doing people's hair!  Hair, fashion, make-up, everything girly is all about ME!

Nordstrom how I love thee.  You know I've never lived near one?  How tragic!  It's funny because two of my closest friends are Nordstrom fanatics and always keep me up to date with their latest trends and sales.  I do try to browse their website occasionally and visit when I can too.

I'm not a huge Ugg fan.  I feel that they're a bit outdated, but I recently found out that my Darling Husband's favorite look on a Woman is Uggs with leggings.  How funny!  Okay, I think I could manage Purple sequins Uggs.

Check out Nordstrom's catalog for next season's goodies.  I know they're having their special anniversary sale soon... Thank you dear Candace!  I'm loving Fall Fashion as I always do!

More blogging to come... I'm feeling "fashiony" again.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here!  One of my favorite seasons.  I love Fall and Spring because that's when weather changes the most.  In Spring we can't wait for the weather to get warm, the grass becomes green, flowers are blooming, and  I love all the pastels we see in stores.  As I've mentioned a ton of times, we don't have seasons here in Monterey.  But, that doesn't mean I can't pretend we do and shop for all the new season's clothes.

I've been on the hunt for Maxi Dresses.  I'm lucky enough to be going to Hawaii in May and I am in desperate need of some.  They've been around for years, but are really all the rage this year.  You can be any size or shape and wear a Maxi.

 This is from Victoria's Secret and I just love the flowiness and and pattern.  On sale for $45.50

Florals are all over the place right now too for Spring.  This dress is just Gorge!  Bloomies Guess dress for $138.

Bloomingdales' website is the best for checking out new styles.  Their seasonal style guide is a go to for fashion.  Yes, we all might not be able to afford their clothes (look for sales), but you can find something similar in your local mall, etc...
Here's a sneak peek of what I liked.

 My favorite decade is back with  a vengeance!  I am so in love in 70's style.

I am so addicted to stripes.  Well, they're in for Spring!

Whites!  I really think white is in for every warm season.  I'm a little afraid of white.  I'm the one always wearing black.  The hairstylist in me?  Maybe.

Peasant tops!  I saw a bunch at H&M.  I think I need one.  Oh and yes... A huge sun hat and bell-bottoms!

Bracelets!  Some of the cute accessories for Spring.  Stacking bracelets, as much as you can.  I love these!

Last, but not least... Wedges!  They are a staple for warm weather!  So slimming too!  How chic to have them peeking through some flares!  Now I need to practice not twisting my ankle.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The jean challenge

I really have a love/hate relationship with jeans.  I don't think ever in my life have I found the pair that I just love.  Personally, I think they're just uncomfortable.  I'm always tugging, or adjusting them.  They slip down, or pinch my "mommy belly", or drag on the floor, etc... I know every fashionista will laugh and say TAILOR in a "duh" sort of way, but let's be real... I'm too lazy to get all my jeans tailored.  I also don't want to spend the extra money to have it done when I already forked out $100 to buy what I thought was the perfect jean.

So I am on a sort of mission.  I mission that I can accomplish in the Monterey area.  Someone suggested  Banana Republic.  I know everyone's bodies are different, but I went to my local BR and checked them out.  There was a trouser jean there that I ADORED!  

The darker the jean the better.  Now, of course these were too long, but looked awesome on me.

I tried these on too.  Now, a jegging isn't ideal for my body type.  I am a bit bigger on the bottom and have tree trunk legs, so jeggings kind of accentuate those.  But, what else am I going to tuck my boots into?

That's all I have for now.  On to find more!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

one of my favorite things on clothes

Polka dots!  Marc Jacobs Fall Collection at New York Fashion Week.  Hello, they're in!  Now to look for fashionable stripes.