Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bridget Bardot

In 2003 I went to the most inspiring, hardest class for hair ever.  It was Bumble & Bumble's "Hair Bootcamp".  My Friend/Co-worker and I went to NYC for a week and it was just a blast!  It snowed in April, but we braved the streets of my place of birth and had the best experience living the NYC lifestyle.  The hair class was difficult, but I pushed through the week of learning the latest editorial haircuts, field trips, pretending to be a chic New Yorker, and went home thinking I was a REAL Hairstylist.  I was ready for editorial work now. :) 

One style we learned was the "Bridget Bardot" cut.  I fell in love with her look right away.  Such a sexy cut, the epitome of sexiness.  I am all about Bridget Bardot!

Her hairstyle has been copied for decades.  LOVE IT!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have I Fallen off the Fashion Map?

I can't believe I stopped blogging.  I really don't know why... I guess I thought this fantasy of becoming a personal stylist in my small area would actually become a reality.  Oh well, it didn't, but I found my passion for hair again.  I really love hair!  I love doing people's hair!  Hair, fashion, make-up, everything girly is all about ME!

Nordstrom how I love thee.  You know I've never lived near one?  How tragic!  It's funny because two of my closest friends are Nordstrom fanatics and always keep me up to date with their latest trends and sales.  I do try to browse their website occasionally and visit when I can too.

I'm not a huge Ugg fan.  I feel that they're a bit outdated, but I recently found out that my Darling Husband's favorite look on a Woman is Uggs with leggings.  How funny!  Okay, I think I could manage Purple sequins Uggs.

Check out Nordstrom's catalog for next season's goodies.  I know they're having their special anniversary sale soon... Thank you dear Candace!  I'm loving Fall Fashion as I always do!

More blogging to come... I'm feeling "fashiony" again.