Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cute celeb hairstyles

I always think of a celebrity when I think of hair I want.  Some I'm not brave enough to try... Not having my OWN personal hairstylist to throw in some extensions as quick as a phone call keeps my hair simple.  I came across these on yahoo.

 But, if I had the guts... I would so try out a pixie!  I've always dreamed of wash and go hair.

I've tried the "bob".  I have always loved bobs.  I have great (and frightening) memories of Bumble and Bumble's hair "bootcamp" in NYC, learning to cut a fab bob.  The new bob is less harsh, less angled, and I love the look with waves.  Maggie's (on left) is TDF!

 So this is sort of what I have now.  I always long for long hair, but as it grows, I start to hate it and want it cut.  Mine is a little more round too.  I am trying to grow out my side swept bangs too, which I've had on and off for 11 years.

I don't think these are the best pics as an example of long, layered hair.  I've seen prettier hair.  But, long hair with layers is always beautiful.  Make sure when your hair is long, add layers!

Oh Bangs!  I love Nicole Ritchie's hair here! 

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