Monday, September 5, 2011

Hair on my mind

I've been so busy (and lucky) with my Hair Business lately.  Because of that I'm on the hair bandwagon again.  My obsession with hair has returned after a bit of a hiatus.  I do love hair, always have.  Here are some of the latest trends...

Love this loose, messy braid.  Braids are all over the place right now.  For this, long hair is a must, but try a braid at the hairline if your hair is shorter.

You can't go wrong with a ponytail.  Right now a low, sleek one is the way to go.

A bit of a bouncy wave is so sexy.  Try it with a middle part instead of a side one.

 I always love a chignon.  This one is a bit more edgy and easy to do!  Attending a formal event, or a night out?  This is a bit more modern.  Low side pony, a bit of a tease, braid it and pin it up.

 Half up and half down hair.  I love this sexy look!  This one is a bit messy, but still a cute easy way to change up your hair for fall.

So there ya go for a few new trends for fall!  Enjoy!

Oh and here's one I had to add...
 Ohmygosh!  Okay, I know this is fashion, but I hate this look more than anything!  Why?  Because this is MY hair!  This is what my hair looks like air dried and try to battle on a daily basis.  My super wavy hairline is my arc nemesis! 

Have a great Labor Day!


  1. you are so right about the braids being in style.While at the fair I saw so many ppl wearing the style its super and I love doing it to my hair with a different twist. But I really wish I could rock the pull back clean look.

  2. As a sporty woman, I always love the loose and messy braid as a partner to my old jeans and pink sweatshirts. That is how everyday my hair looks like.