Sunday, December 19, 2010

GAP's Amazing clothes.

I have pretty much been a Gap fan for many years.  Their quality in clothes is great and it's affordable.  I went on a fab date with my Husband the other night and we walked by a Gap store.  I mentioned going in, even though he didn't want to at first (he's the one who got clothes), but we did anyway and I am in love!  I sometimes find their clothes a little too casual, but they have hopped on the sequins train and I'm ready to take a ride! :)

This jacket is perfect!  It's not too flashy, but flashy enough for girly me.

This might be better for people afraid of a jacket totally made out of sequins.  It's subtle and would look great layered over just about anything.

You can't go wrong with flats, or flats with glitter for that matter.  They come in different colors and you really can wear they everyday.

Ahhh a wallet made out of glitter!  Perfection!

 Now this has the winter season written all over it.  I would have to try this one on since I have trouble with skirts, but you never know, it could be fab!

So the store had these amazing purses made out of sequins and I can't find them on the website, but don't fret...  I will be making a Gap appearance and will take pics!  Go check out GAP!

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