Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What to wear for New Years

I always love the idea of a New Year's Eve party or a night out.  I have to admit, I rarely have done either, but the idea of dressing up just excites me.  So here are some ideas for those of you that are planning an exciting New Year's Eve.  I found some of these outfits at http://www.chicagoshopping.com/chicago-shopping-new-years-eve-outfits-on-sale,0,7798095.htmlstory

 Don't we wish we could have the body to wear this and it's gorgeous for those of you that can.  Simple LBD (little black dress), black heels, simple bracelet, and a clutch... It's all you need to rock it.

 This is a little more my speed.  It's for more of a casual night out or a party at a friend's.  Can't go wrong with jeggings, a cute top, and booty heels.

 Funny, the site said this was for a friend's party.  But anyway you wear it, it's so cute!  This outfit is so feminine.  Obviously tights are all the rage this winter.

Ahh, a quiet night in with the Family.  Remember, no matter how much it seems nice to stay in pjs, dressing up makes us feel happier.  This outfit is comfy, yet stylish.

 Happy New Year's Everyone!  THANK YOU!


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