Saturday, July 10, 2010

A few finds along the way.

Here are a few more things I found at Marshalls a few days ago.  They were just so cute and affordable, I couldn't pass them up.  If you dig, you shall find.

This is the "Old Lady" Sweater.  But, check out the little bit of animal print added.  I think it would be great with a tank and jeans.  Plus, it was $17.99 Remember, cardigans are a must!

I love this dress!  I know some might not be so sure about it.  But, this is good quality!  I think this would be a great summer dress for a wedding or just a night out.  The colors are amazing and it would fit most body types.  I would have bought it myself, but they only had limited (meaning tiny) sizes.  This was originally $340 and was on clearance for $39.99.  Can you believe it?

Okay, this is hard to tell.  But, this is what my friend called the Safari dress.  This just screams summer to me.  It was navy blue on top.  I instantly fell in love with the belt alone.  This was $20.  Also, another flattering pieve for most body types.

So, the lesson for today is... Dig through clearance racks!  Now, I'm not usually a big fan of this.  Even though I love shopping more than anything else in the world, I like to do it quickly!  Look, look, look, then move on.  So digging through racks after racks tries my patience, but as you can see, it's well worth all the finds!


  1. I just adore the advise you offer. I especially like that you take into account that not all of us are size 2 and love the idea of those cardigans that cover bits of me I would prefer others don't see. I wouldn't mind if you also offer advise to folks that are a bit older than you- like (ha ha) your mother! I don't want to look like an "old over-the-hill fart" yet I do NOT want to look like a teenager either. Any advise on how to look age appropriate yet fashionable on a fixed income?
    Am I permitted to ask you questions that are relate to my own fashion faux pas?
    Most of all please continue to write - it's great to read what you write.

  2. I just saw a Grandma Sweater in the Nordstroms catalogue looking just like that one, but for 79.00, go you!