Sunday, November 14, 2010

It takes a lot of work

So I came up with the idea of not shopping for clothes for a month.  Yes, I'm realizing it's possible, just a pain in the arse.  But, with that idea, I said I would take a picture everyday of an outfit.  Wow, that's hard to do!  I start the day in a cute outfit, forget to take a pic, change into comfy clothes (which I often do), and then realize I'm supposed to be portraying a stylish person. 

For the most part, I am a stylish "Mom", but some days when I'm not really doing anything I wear basic, everyday clothes.  I'm then ashamed to take a picture, because I'm supposed to be portraying a stylish Woman, that looks great all the time.  Well, so not true!  I even think the most stylish of people have off days.  Days where they look a little disheveled... And you know what, that's okay!

Even though I can't buy anything, I still love going to Marshalls.  Here are some finds!

Oh Leopard print!  I am destined to find a piece to wear.  I like it in a cardy or a shoe.  Be careful, you don't want it to look cheap, or wear too much of it.

 Hello 80's!  Okay, I know some might be afraid, but I love this.  Maybe with jeans, or black pants.

I am getting this and wearing it to a Xmas party!  I love it!  It is simple, but has the sequins that is everywhere right now.

I know some of you that know me, can totally see me in these boots.  It's my all time fave color and they're just cool.

I just like these.  They're nothing special, but I do have a boot obsession.  I like biker boots.

Awesome, tall boots my Charles David.  A little too tall for me, but they're so in right now.

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