Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some more winter trends

I've been slow at blogging lately.  I guess the Holidays have been consuming me.  Well, I still live and breathe fashion, so here is some more winter fashion tips I've found. 

1. Winter coats!  Yes, here in Monterey there isn't too much use for a heavy coat, but there are those few times we need something to keep us warm.  But. for everyone else... Peacoat!  It's the best winter coat out there.  They're warm and flatter everyone.  They come in all shapes and colors too.
 This one is so cute!  It's different than the average black one.  $755 at
This one is out of my budget, but you get the idea.  You can find tons at other affordable stores.  But check out that website, they have cute designer clothing.

2. Tights!  I love opaque tights.  I know most of us think of tights as something fancy or uncomfortable, but now a days they are very practical and casual.  I am digging the shorts over tights look right now.  Remeber they were all over Spain?

Now these might not flatter my figure.  I have tree trunk for legs, so I would go for black.  But, the look is fab!  You can find tights anywhere.  Target!

3 .Berets!  I am trying to figure out this trend right now.  I love the way these look and I have bought a couple.  I'm working out to see how they fit.  I think I have a big head. :)  But, try it!

4.lace!  I love lace.  Yes, it's not for everyday, but try to add a little lace somewhere when going out or for your next Xmas party.
I love these looks!  Yes, not for the average person, but you can get ideas from it.

So those are just some of the latest winter trends.  More to come!  Check out winter makeup trends to come soon!

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