Monday, November 1, 2010

Trying something very new

So the battle with exercise continues... I find some form of exercise that I love and then get bored with it.  I'm pretty much this way with everything in life.  My new interest is joining a gym.  Yes, there is a community center with limited exercise equipment not too far away, and a full gym where my Husband works, but I won't go to those.  I found one near by with daycare!  Yes, daycare!  What this has to do with fashion?  Okay, I'll fill you in.

In order to pay for this gym, I must stop buying clothing/shoes/fashion accessories.  I purchase these items on a regular basis.  But, joining a gym and shopping as much as I do is just not in my budget.  So I am going on a shopping sabbatical.  It might actually cause me physical pain not to shop, but I'll be getting into even better shape while doing so.

So here's the plan.  I am going to find stylish, awesome clothes in my closet for a full month.  I do have plenty to wear and I will take pictures of my outfits daily and post them either on my blog or my facebook page.!/pages/Seaside-CA/Katie-Griego-StylistPersonal-ShopperCloset-Organizer/155774271120370?v=info 

Please follow me on facebook if you haven't already. :)  I will show everyone that you can put together stylish outfits with what you've got in your closet.  Don't get me wrong, I love to shop and still love to take people shopping for their ultimate "makeover".  So if you are like me and need to be on a budget this is a great idea too.  With the power of technology I can also do this long distance.

I;m so excited for this idea and can't wait to see how it turns out! (thanks to a friend for the suggestion)

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