Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spain Fashion Report!

Fashion report Spain!  My Sister Jennifer went on a whirlwind vacation all around Spain in October.  She kept an eye out for Spanish Fashion for her lovely Sister.  Here is her report!  I'm loving it!

Fashion essentials for Spain;

1. Leggings/stockings. I am 98% sure there is an official ban on pants in Spain because everyone (and I mean everyone, even grandmas) wear stockings (opaque) and leggings. They also are quite creative with their stockings using bright colors and different textures. But seriously they are more likely to wear stockings because they always look super sharp and tight. No mid day legging sagging around the knees for them.  I felt a little out of place even wearing jeggings. (See pic of store calzedonia, store sells only stockings leggings and is everywhere)

2. Summer wear, all that stockings wearing gives them the ability to continue wearing "summer clothes" and they certainly did.  Young people especially. The girls in their early 20s consistently wore little itty bitty bootie shorts with dark stockings. Anyone older that didn't find butt cleavage attractive wore tailored shorts or high waisted shorts with dark stockings. Initially I wasn't a big fan of the look, but u have to admit it grew on me. Also ladies of many ages wear super tight skirts and summer dresses with dark stockings. I liked this look and even tried it out on the trip. (see pic if mannequin in store with shorts over stockings)

3. Shoes.  Apparently when the Spanish government banned pants they also banned any shoes other than boots. Oh boots galore. There were boots of every flavor style and color: from Uggs to thigh-highs to doc martens.  What seemed to be especially in style were laced boots in different colors (tan and grey often). It was growing on me.

3. They have a lot of the same fashion trends we see here, animal print, fur( a lot of fur vests a la ms. Zoe),blazers, bows, sheers and silks.

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