Monday, October 18, 2010

Allure's Best!

I  Have a theory about make-up.  I truly believe it's something to splurge on.  I swear it makes a difference.  I once made a joke that I could be a bum on the street, but I would still buy my make-up (if I was wearing any) at Sephora. For those who have never heard of Sephora, google it!  It's the Mecca of make-up!  I swear I hear Angels sing when I walk in one.

As I've mentioned before, my new favorite magazine is Allure.  They have very interesting articles and of course Fashionable advice.  Every year they come out with a special "Best of" issue.  The best of everything beauty!  I was bored last night and I was looking for interesting Apps for my iphone.  They have an app just dedicated to Allure's Best of Beauty!  I was so excited, I had to check it out.  Well, I am going to list my faves off their list.

Blush~ I am a powder blush fan.  I have oily skin, so powder works best for me.  Even though I am a Nars fan, Allure listed Smashbox's Blush Rush (found at Sephora).  Now I always go for a flushed look, so I buy the pinkest of pink.  

Concealer for blemishes~  They listed Laura Mercier secret camouflage.   It comes with two colors and you mix it to match your skin tone.  Sounds awesome to me!  Everyone needs a cover-up for a blemish.

Concealer for undereye circles~  So this is something I've noticed have appeared in the last few years.  I swear it happened overnight!  One day I had nice, young looking skin and the next day I woke up with undereye circles, looking a bit older.  So Allure mentioned one that I am going to buy asap.  Make Up Forever HD high definition invisible cover conealer.  Wow, that's a long name!  It comes in a tube, and it blends super smooth on the skin.

Liquid eyeliner~ This is something I'm still trying to perfect.  I want that perfect thin cat-like line, but it always ends up sloppy and thick.  A work in progress I guess.  Allure says Dior Style intense liquid eyeliner is the best.  It's brush tip is precise and easy to control, so you won't need nine lives to master classic cat-eyes.  I guess they were listening!

Eyeshadow~ I'm adding this one on my own.  I absolutely love MAC eyeshadows!  They come in every color and yes, I think woman should try color for shadow.  They are bold with pigment and are just plain amazing.

Mascara~ Another one I'm adding on my own.  Christian Dior diorshow mascara in black out.  I just recently got a friend hooked on this one.  It's thick, black, and makes your lashes look LONG!  Everyone should notice your lashes.

Lip Gloss~  Allure's best is Estee Lauder pure color gloss.  These come in 34 different shades, last forever, and has even converted lipstick devotees.  I am just going to mention  lip gloss in this blog.  As much as I love luscious red lips, I don't personally like wearing lipstick.

So these were just the few things I picked out from the app.  Allure lists tons of things.  I just picked the few that stood out to me.  I think these are the basics for everyday make-up.  Of course I think there are a few things that can be bought "over-the-counter".  Basic pencil eyeliner is one.  Wear make-up ladies, it will make you feel beautiful!

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