Friday, October 22, 2010

This is for all the Moms out there!

I'm a Mommy's girl.  Always have been.  My Mother has been very supportive on this new journey of mine, so she researches all things fashion and styling and emails me almost daily.  I am very grateful for her.  I loved this article she found and I think it's advice that all us Moms could use.

Mom Style
Do you think the words “Mom” and “style” are as incongruous as teenagers and limits or babies and sleep? Think again! If you need a style boost, take the advice of clothing designer, Julie Chaiken ( who is herself the mother of young children. She says, “Your fashion life doesn’t have to end when you become a mother. It’s a new chapter. You might have to adjust: a silk blouse is probably a bad choice while burping an infant, but there is absolutely no excuse for losing yourself. I see dressing to your own sense of style as a vital part of maintaining your individual identity. By remaining true to yourself, you will in turn be a better mother.”
Here are 10 ways a mother on the go can find style.
Comfort. A t-shirt, a belt and a pair of Capris are just as comfortable as sweats and a hoodie. Don’t use “comfort” as a copout for sloppy, no-expression clothes.
Makeup Minimum. Use at least two makeup products: lip gloss and mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. It’ll make you feel prettier. If you have time, add another product, like a mineral based foundation that will give you a glow even if you’re not feeling it.
Fit to Flatter. Wear clothes that fit you properly. Too tight or too baggy are two faces of the same problem. Good fit, even if you’re not the weight you’d like to be, makes you look thinner, brighter, and happier.

Dressing for the Day. It’s important to get your exercise in, but try this: exercise at the gym, come home, shower and get dressed. If you go to the gym and then try and slip in a trip to the grocery store and the library and it’s one o’clock before you get home, don’t succumb to the voice in your head that says, “It’s after noon already. What’s the point of changing?” You’ll feel better in real clothes. If you’re spending a good amount of time at the park, you may think park-friendly clothes can’t be cute too. Wrong. Enjoy the shoes you wear, the hat you choose, the color combination you pick out for yourself.
You Deserve to be Adorable. Your kids are dressed adorably. Let yourself have the same privileges as them. Wear something each day that you find adorable. Maybe it’s a ring, a color, a shoe, a necklace, something. It can be a one-minute daily meditation to think about what actually pleases you.

High Fashion/Low Price. The current trend of top name designers creating lines for low-cost markets like Target, Kohl’s, and Wal-Mart means that for not much money, you can have cute things to wear during the awkward years when the kids are young and throwing up or you’re still losing some of the baby weight you gained in pregnancy. You can look great and not spend your kids’ college tuition to do it.
Transitioning Tricks. Moms often say they want clothing they can put on in the morning that will take them through the whole day and work for every function in their life. This is not realistic. One mom came up with a solution that helped her switch gears and put some attention on her relationship with her husband. Every night at 5 o’clock while the kids are picking up their toys, she changes clothes. She gets out of her “mom” clothes and into a nice outfit before her husband comes home. She doesn’t want to succumb to a single view of herself as mom, but rather remind her husband and herself who she was before kids. Sound old fashioned? It’s been a lifesaver for her. It might be a good formula for you too.
Clothes Protection. Protect your clothes by wearing an apron. If you want to wear nicer clothes, but worry about spills, invest in some aprons to wear while you’re cooking. And for the other types of spills that can happen throughout the day, wear prints. The best clothes to wear that hide spit ups or nose wipes are items in prints. Pick an all over print in a paisley or a floral and it’s harder to track the baby action.
Mood-Altering Fashion. See if you can find that one item that when you put it on, it transforms your mood and your look. It might be a leather jacket, a trench coat in a bright color, a super cute pair of wedged sandals. Think of this item as a personality piece, not a basic.
Quality Time for Mom. Invest in your mom style and your peace of mind. Call me and I can help you find clothes that are good pieces for your lifestyle. When you take care of yourself, be prepared to hear these sweet words from your young ones: “Mommy, you look great!”

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