Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting things rolling.

I am really getting excited for the business to launch.  I have so many ideas, it's all I can think about.  I will figure out prices soon and post them asap.  I will also make a poster to spread the word.

So as I've said before, we have limited shopping here in the Monterey area.  But, I am making due with what we have.  Plus, I am a stylist/shopper for the average woman.  Who needs a shopping trip to Sakks anyway... .Um ok, well I would love one.  But, we make due.

I took a friend shopping the other day.  She has a great figure, just needed to show it off more and help put things together.  I think we need to continue our journey of Fashion Greatness, but we did find some great things at the Gap.

 This was a cute printed t-shirt with Jeggings.  I am all for jeggings!  Gap has some nice ones with a higher rise, so you can tuck in whatever needs to be tucked.

A super cute khaki jacket and denim colored jeggings.  She went with these instead of the black ones.  They look fab on her.  Hard to see, but the shirt underneath was a striped 3/4 sleeve with a tiny bit of embroidery around the color.  Little things to spruce up a shirt!!!

This is the full outfit!  So classy!  I had to add in the Divalicious Bella.  She had a blas in the dressing room.  My kinda Gal.  The shoes are animal print with purple trimming.  I love these!  Gap has a bunch of flats of all different colors.  They even have glittery ones... which I will be purchasing very soon.

As I said, we have more to do.  Pictures to come...Prices too!

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